Cybersecurity Risk Management for Federal sytems

Cybersecurity Risk Management for Federal Systems

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Title:  Cybersecurity Risk Management for Federal Systems

Description:  This course provides a synopsis of the governance requirements associated with federal systems and the process for systems receiving an authorization to operate (ATO).

Target Audience: Federal Government and Contractor Executives, Managers, Aspiring Cybersecurity Professionals

Outline and Duration:

  • Total time commitment: 1 hour
  • Instructor Background and Course Overview – 2 minutes
  • Relevant Laws, Regulations, and Policies  – 15 minutes
  • Compliance Management (with TCecurity Compliance Manager) – 15 minutes
  • Federal Risk Management Resources – 5 minutes
  • Exercise (Allocation of Resources) – 15 minutes
  • Quiz – 10 minutes
  • Feedback Survey – 3 minutes

Outcomes: Students are able to:

  • Describe federal cybersecurity risk management governance
  • Describe the process for receiving authorization to operate a system used to support the Federal government
  • Categorize an information system

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